• Introduction:

Nothing compares Egypt! This is what you will feel after landing in Egypt, land of secrets. Of course, your trip to Egypt will be the unforgettable one in your life, as Egypt looks like a unique country. Although this country consists of many various cultures, religions and traditions, it managed to mix all of those differences and create a unified country with special culture.

At the beginning of your mysteries trip in Egypt, you will explore the great pyramids of Giza, touching the 4,000 years old sandstone. What an amazing feeling! One can almost see himself as a Pharaoh, standing beneath that Pyramid during the time when Pharaohs ruled and the Gods were worshiped.

It is not enough to see the Giza Pyramids, visiting the monuments of Memphis, or even walking between the statues, paintings you have seen on the walls of the Egyptian Museum. But you have to complete your tour in our land, so that you could see the rest of our unique treasures! This would be happened during your tour in Aswan, the magic of the south. The ancient Souan or Aswan was also famous for its granite quarries. Thousands of Egyptian statutes, obelisks, shrines and even pyramids are constructed out of the Syenite granite mine in Aswan. The city of Aswan was also a crucial military base of the ancient Egypt. Whenever the reign of the land passed on to a new dynasty, security of the city was tightened the more. Aswan was always a garrison town. Mention of Aswan can be found in the writings of Herodotus, Strabo, Pliny and Ptolemy.

From Aswan to Luxor, the city which boasts the extremely unique collection of the Egyptian temples in the east bank of the Nile. While they kept their tombs at the west bank of the Nile. What amazing understanding! The ancient Egyptians managed to understand the circle of the world from the sequence of the sun rising. So they used to keep their daily life objects at the east bank of the Nile (where the sun rises everyday) and their funerary objects at the west bank (where the sun dies everyday).

Let us take you in such wonderful tour into Alexandria, which is considered to be the second capital of Egypt. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC to be the capital of the Graeco-Roman rule in Egypt. Its status as a beacon of culture is symbolized by Pharos, the legendary lighthouse that was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Since the 19th century Alexandria has played a new role, as a focus for Egypt’s commercial and maritime expansion. This Alexandria has been immortalized by writers such as E.M. Forster and Cavafy. Generations of immigrants from Greece, Italy and the Levant settled here and made the city synonymous with commerce, cosmopolitanism and bohemian culture; Lawrence Durrell described it as “The capital city of Asiatic Europe, if such a thing could exist”.

  • Trip Itinerary:

DAY 01: Arrival to Cairo – Cairo Overnight

Your Egypt tour begins at your chosen hotel in Cairo. A private transfer by an A-C van from Cairo International Airport to your hotel in Cairo is included. Since most of the international flights arrive Egypt between 03:00 & 11:00 PM (local time), you might need to consider travelling to Egypt a day early and arrange pre-stay in Cairo to ease the effects of jet lag before the first day of sightseeing on your Egypt tour begins. A very nice room is ready to host you during your first night in Cairo. [No Meals]

DAY 02: Pyramids – Sakkara – Memphis

GAT Tours’ Egyptologist tour guide will meet your at the lobby of your hotel in Cairo in order to accompany you in such an awe-inspiring tour to Pyramids of Giza “Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure”, where the greatness has been embodied in three pyramids with a limestone statue of Sphinx guarding the whole area. Enjoy your tour at pyramids area and smile for the camera while picking a photo of you on a very cute camel’s back. After that you will proceed to the city of Sakkara, where you will be so excited by exploring The Step Pyramid of king Djoser. This pyramid has a very nice story, when king Djoser asked his chief Architect Imhotep to create something different, so that the king could be buried at. As a result the well known Architect creates the Step pyramid, which surprised the king so much since it was considered to be a new achievement in this period. Drive towards Memphis, the city which was the first capital of the united Egypt. After finishing your day tour, you will be transferred by private A-C van to Giza Train Station in order to travel towards Aswan via an A-C sleeper train. Dinner meal will be served on board. Overnight on board the train. [B, L, D]

DAY 03: High Dam – Temple of Philae – Unfinished Obelisk

According to the published schedule of Egypt Railway, you train arrives Aswan around 08:35 AM. Upon arrival to Aswan Train Station, you will be met and greet by our English-speaking tour leader, who will transfer you by private A-C van to your fabulous Nile cruise ship. Embarkation before 12:00 PM. At the beginning you will have your Lunch meal on board. After Lunch, you will start unforgettable trip to the south of Egypt by visiting The High Dam, which is considered to be one of the most famous monuments in our modern history. Your second visit will be to Temple of Philae, which was erected during the Gaeco-Roman period and was dedicated to goddess Isis. At last you will be escorted to visit the very unique monument made out of red granite and was dedicated to god Amun Ra by his daughter queen Hatshepsut, The Unfinished Obelisk. Finally you will return to your ship. Free noon & Dinner on board. At night Nubian Folkloric Show will be operated on board. Overnight in Aswan. [B, L, D]

DAY 04: Temple of Kom Ombo – Temple of Edfu

What a pretty morning while enjoying the sun rise on board your Nile cruise ship! Today & after breakfast we will take you in a mysterious journey to land of secrets. This guided tour of today begins by visiting one of the most wonderful temples in Egypt, Temple of Kom Ombo, where the two gods Sobek & Haroeris were worshipped for a while. Get back to your ship and enjoy your lunch on the sun deck, watching the unique landscape of the great river Nile. On its banks the ancient Egyptian civilization has been created & flourished. Afternoon, enjoy chariot riding to Temple of Horus in Edfu. This temple is considered to be one of the most well preserved temples in Egypt. Finally, you will return to your ship. Sail to Esna, cross the lock and sail to Luxor. Dinner on board your ship. Enjoy your night with Egyptian Folkloric Show (Galabeya Party). After the show you will go to your cabin for overnight. [B, L, D]

DAY 05: Luxor West Bank – Luxor Overnight

After breakfast you will join your Egyptologist tour guide in such a unique tour to world of the dead!. As today you will visit Valley of the Kings & Queens, which considers as the royal cemetery of the Theban kings & queens of ancient Egypt, and the place where our Pharaohs were buried. After that, you will proceed to visit the most impressive Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari. Temple of Hatshepsut is considered as one of the most wonderful examples of the Architecture in ancient Egypt, because it was built inside the mountain. Maybe this is an ordinary thing. But what you will think in the Egyptian abilities when we let you know that this temple is totally carved inside the mountain. What a genius architect who do this?! At the end of the tour, you will return to your ship to enjoy your lunch meal on board. Then Afternoon tea will be served on board your ship. Very special Dinner will be served on board. A lovely oriental show is awaiting your presence, to share smiles, dances, words with your partner. After that show, you will enjoy sleeping in your cabin with lots memories about Luxor. [B, L, D]

DAY 06: Luxor East Bank – Train to Cairo

Arrange your luggage, don’t waste the time and be ready at about 08:30 AM, as you will leave your Nile cruise after having this breakfast! After that you will enjoy your tour discovering the East Bank of Luxor, including the most wonderful Karnak temples, which is considered to be the biggest complex construction in the world covering an area of a hundred. Finish your lovely tour in Temple of Luxor, built by one of the kings of the 12th dynasty & completed by the well know king Ramses II (from the 19th Dynasty). With a very unique experience in the south, you will get back to Cairo. An A-C sleeper train is a waiting you at Luxor Train Station in order to be your method of travelling away from the south back to Cairo. Dinner will be served on board the train. [B, D]

DAY 07: Cairo Train Station – Alex. Overday – Cairo ON

As soon as you reach Cairo Train Station (at Ramses Square), you will be met with GAT Tours’ English-speaking representative, who will transfer you by private A-C van to your hotel for check in, rest & refresh. Later on, GAT Tours’ Egyptologist tour guide will join you in such amazing tour. As today you have a meeting with a very unique collection of our Graeco-Roman monuments. You will start you tour there by exploring one of the main sources of knowledge in the ancient world, The Alexandria Library. The site of which was the original site of the Pharaoh (lighthouse). Enjoy your tour to visit The Catacomb cemetery of Kom El Shoqafa, the cemetery which houses many mummies of various animals like horses. Later on you will take a break during having your Lunch meal at a lovely restaurant. After Lunch you will complete your amazing Alex. Tour by visiting Pompey’s pillar, which was erected in 292 AD. While being in Alexandria, you must visit Qaitbay Citadel (from outside), which is considered to be one of most famous sightseeing in Egypt in general and in Alexandria in specific way. After finishing your day tour, you will drive back towards Cairo. Arrive Cairo and proceed to your hotel for overnight. [B, L]

DAY 08: Check Out – Final Departure

Check out after breakfast. Later on, you will be met with GAT Tours’ English-speaking representative, who will transfer you by private A-C van to Cairo International Airport for your final departure from Egypt. [B]