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Nile Cruise Luxor

Look at Egypt map, go with your eyes to the south, where you will find Luxor, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. It contains the largest and most unique collection of the Egyptian temples and in its western hills laid the tombs of the Pharaonic kings and nobles.

Luxor took many names during its long history such as (w3st)… this ancient Egyptian name symbolizes the rule and authority. The Greek called it finally (Thebes) and Homer the famous Greek poet called it (the city of the hundred gates). Again Arabs called it the city of el kessour ”palaces”, and with time this name was abbreviated to Luxor nowadays.

When you be in Luxor, the best and the most wonderful way to visit the monuments there, is to sail with the pharaohs on board one of our Nile cruises. The word Nile cruise means sailing in the great river Nile during visiting the Pharaonic monuments. Here in Egypt we have many kinds of the Nile cruise vacations, as you can start sailing whether from Aswan to Luxor or versa. So if you are interested in Egyptian cruise, feel free to contact GAT Tours Egypt, with us you will feel so comfortable.

Nile cruise Egypt, get cheap cruise packages with very high quality and very high level of service. Sail in the great river Nile and discover how was ancient Egypt. Feel the difference while you are in Luxor and get more information about the city which has more than 1/3 of the world’s monuments.

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Come to Egypt, the most mysterious and unforgettable place the world can offer. Our cruises will allow you to experience Egypt’s treasures and discover its ancient history though an exotic excursion.

Visit the south of Egypt and explore the main center of the ancient Egyptian monuments. In Luxor & Aswan, the ancient Egyptians built their own civilization and from the south they managed to set up a great empire, was the guide of the whole world for a long period.

Choose your suitable package from Luxor Holidays, and spend nice time there while you are on board one of our best cruises. Spend more than 3 nights on board your ship while you are sailing from Luxor to Aswan. During this Nile trip you will visit many temples while you are in the way from Luxor to Aswan. Start your trip by visiting Karnak temple, proceed to visit Temple of Luxor, Visit the west bank of Luxor which was considered as the main necropolis of the royal kings and queens. Arrive Aswan and explore the small city, which was flourished during the Greco-Roman period and was the center of the trade via the Nile.

Get cheap cruise packages while you are dealing with GAT Tours Egypt, not only sailing between Luxor and Aswan, but also you can discover the Nile while you are in Cairo by Cairo cruise, as you can have a nice Dinner cruise on board one of our special ships with a very special price.

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